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PAYE calculator

October 30, 2017

How to calculate PAYE

As an employer, you have a tax obligation to deduct employee’s tax in the form of PAYE (Pay as you Earn) from any remuneration paid to employees and settle this amount with SARS on a monthly basis. In this blog article, we will focus on the steps you will need to follow to calculate PAYE. […]

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PAYE Tables 2017

September 5, 2017

An Employee’s remuneration is subject to monthly deductions in the form of PAYE. PAYE Tables for the correct tax year should be referenced to calculate an employee’s monthly tax liability. Additional deductions, rebates and tax thresholds should all be considered when calculating the final PAYE amount. These are listed below for your reference and are […]

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PAYE – Employees Tax

September 28, 2016

We continue our look at the various types of tax and turn our attention to Employee’s Tax or PAYE in particular. Whether you are an employee at a company and are paying PAYE, or are starting a new company and want to find out more about PAYE for your staff, this article will clarify exactly […]

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SARS PAYE tables

August 1, 2013

As an employer, one of your responsibilities is the payment of employee’s tax which can be calculated using the SARS PAYE tables below: PAYE Tax Deduction Tables To view the latest PAYE Tax deduction tables, visit the SARS website here. PAYE Statutory Rates Statutory Rates (Individuals)​ Taxable Income (R)​ Rates of tax (R)​ 0 – […]

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